domenica 18 marzo 2012

A personal diary

Hi, you out there...
What?! My last post was written on the 16th of July! I'm ashamed. Definitely, blogging wasn't made for me. So, why I'm coming back? In Italian I should say, "on the place of the crime" or something.
Well, my dreams have not changed since July. I took my Master's degree, in which for the first time I worked with groups of teenagers, giving information literacy lessons in classrooms. Sort of a teacher librarian. It was so hard, and so exciting! All the job was made possible thank to the relationship that is born among us, that involved me totally and still nourish me.
I think I should keep doing this job. I only have no idea how.
(For non-Italian readers: in Italy school libraries, and teacher librarians, don't really exist. In the few libraries existing in schools work a few good-willing teachers or former teachers with health problems, often in their spare time.)
After all, I still want to improve my English and to reflect more about my future. This blog could be a diary, or better a notebook, for my very private aims. However, the cpd23 programme is still valid for me: curiously I stopped writing in front of a topic that always left me in doubt - personal branding. But, this is another post.

sabato 16 luglio 2011

Thing 2: The Outer Space

I'm getting aware of how much energy I'm spending even I'm on "holiday"... Five concerts with three choirs are too much, definitely. Plus, the internship I'm doing for my master is getting more and more involving. (Obviously that makes me happy.)

Probably is not the better way to manage a blog, but here I am again, I don't give up.

I finally look up at other blogs, starting from that kind people that commented my first post, then choosing some witty blog title among their favourites (thank you for that too!), and at last exploring the Delicious list of cpd-ers, first those tagged as "school", my most recent interest.

 As a blogosphere newbie, I think I'm allowed to say something trivial: it's incredible how much high quality information you can find in library blogs! Sharing thoughts and needs and support each other is so important, especially for professionals that work alone like I used to; but I found presentations, video tutorials and other stuff that really helps.

I look forward to put into practice someone of my findings.

martedì 5 luglio 2011

Ok, I'm in.

What a challenge.
Here I am, an Italian librarian that feels very uncomfortable with blogging and with the English language, too.
But I just finished my beloved job as one-person-librarian, I don't know when, how or where my next job will be, so I need to feel that I'm doing something useful for my career.
Well, I'm also attending a Master course, but blogging in English is even more challenging!

Please, if anyone will read, feel free about notice me language mistakes if anyone's reading, feel free to let me know about any language mistakes (thank you Katie!). It would be a really big help and I'd be grateful for that.